Bitcoin Trading

Everyone knows the importance of investing. Whether you’re investing in stock, buying up digital currencies, or trading for profit, any competent financial advisor will recommend using your money to make more money. With the rise and increasing ease of international trading thanks to the Internet, digital currencies (or “cryptocurrencies”) have quickly become one of the most sound and reliably profitable investments on the market. The very first, most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

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What is Bitcoin?

As both the first and most commonly traded digital currency, Bitcoin is taking the world of trading by storm. Because the currency is based in a bank, it allows the owner to shop, invest, and spend with privacy and security without the added issues of fees and other such financial frustrations. This makes the currency extremely attractive to online shoppers everywhere, as well as those who enjoy trading and participating in Internet casinos thanks to the lack of transaction fees, foreign transaction fees, etc.

Bitcoin is 100% open source, which means that it doesn’t belong to any one entity. No country, no individual, and no group can own it, allowing the public as a whole to participate in it regardless of their location, status, or any other such exclusionary factor. It’s a P2P currency, meaning it’s paid as peer-to-peer instead of needing to go through a third party financier like most currencies do (be it through a bank, a payment processing system, or another type of financial party).

Bitcoin both exists and is created digitally as opposed to being reliant on printing, and can be utilized by and for any merchant that accepts it. Thanks to its rise in popularity, the number of merchants who will do so is also rising exponentially, making it all that much easier to rely more on this profitable cryptocurrency for any financial activities rather than your usual bank accounts and credit cards.

What is Bitcoin-Trading?

As it has gained popularity, the general public has delved into using this particularly profitable cryptocurrency in place of other formal currencies to exchange for goods and services or make investments. Investing in Bitcoin itself is a popular practice thanks to its astronomical rise in value over the past decade, increasing from cents on the dollar to thousands of dollars.

Bitcoin trading, simply put, is the act of literally buying and selling the currency itself. If we use the theory above that involves buying it during a fall in value and waiting until it’s reached a peak to sell it, then repeat the process several times, it would be incredibly simple to turn a profit in relatively short periods of time.

While the currency itself is both created and managed digitally, there is still a finite amount of it available on the market. It’s still a currency that’s highly regulated and has to be mined in order to increase the amount available, and that will only happen if and when demand rises as well. Given the number of people currently interested in this kind of investment trading, it’s not at all unlikely for this to happen. As it stands, approximately 21 million units of this digital currency exist on the market.

In order to get started with Bitcoin trading, you have to create an appropriate trading account with a reputable cryptocurrency trading company, such as XTRgate. Then, you’ll need to deposit whatever funds you intend to utilize and decide how much you’re looking to invest right off the bat. After you’ve done that and your funds are available to use for said investments, you’re ready to get started buying and selling!

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Why Should You Trade Bitcoin with Us?

XTRgate is a secure, reliable, user-friendly broker that allows you to trade Bitcoin as one of its primary cryptocurrencies. XTRgate is wonderful for traders with any level of experience from complete beginners to experts, providing a huge library of free resources so that no one is left with unanswered questions

Those who are just starting to dip their toes into the world of digital currency trading will find the Trading Academy invaluable. This training center will show you all of the ins and outs of Bitcoin trading so that you can feel confident in your investment and trading practices before you even get started. The Trading Academy is so in-depth, however, that even cryptocurrency experts will be able to find helpful hints and useful information in its libraries.

In addition to informational resources, XTRgate offers a flexible trading platform to suit any lifestyle. Whether you’re trading from behind a desk or from your mobile device while on your daily commute, XTRgate will never let you miss a valuable trade. You can set alerts and reminders, access your account from anywhere, and ensure that no matter whether trading is your primary source of income or a profitable side hobby, you have the tools and access you need in order to succeed.

One of those tools is consistent customer support. An account with XTRgate gets you access to round-the-clock support from analysts, account managers, and even personal brokers who can help you read the trends and figure out what the best way for you to invest and trade is. They may also help you decide which cryptocurrency is the best investment at the time, though Bitcoin is always going to be a safe and fruitful bet.

And, of course, XTRgate knows that the security of your information, funds, and account are a top priority. That’s why XTRgate has made certain that all security measures are up to date and 100% SSL encryption technology is used to guarantee your privacy and security.

Finally, XTRgate does not charge additional fees just so that you can have several trades open at once or perform regular trading activities. Many brokers will have small percentages taken out for each transaction or for certain types of transactions. XTRgate puts emphasis on the traders’ success, however, and part of that success lies in not having to pay exorbitant fees just to operate.

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Bitcoin – A Sound Investment with a Bright Future

As mentioned above, the Bitcoin has increased in value at astronomical levels. Since its conception in 2008 and subsequent launch in 2009, this digital currency’s monetary value has risen exponentially from a fraction of a cent to thousands of dollars. So why should you invest in Bitcoin? Because it works!

To put things in perspective, the very first transaction involving Bitcoin trading valued a single Bitcoin at $.0009. That’s 9 hundredths of a penny in USD. Then, the highest value it has ever reached was a whopping $20,000 USD in December of 2017. Granted that larger number was quite an outlier, and the value hasn’t gotten quite that high again since then, but even today’s value of about $7,000 USD is over a million times improvement on what it had ever been worth before.

Also as previously stated, the Bitcoin is a volatile currency. This means that while there are incredible gains to be had, there are also potentials for deep losses depending on when you buy and when you sell. This is one of the many reasons why XTRgate provides such an extensive resource library for its members, hoping that they’ll start learning everything they need to know about Bitcoin trading before actually trying their hand at it. You need to watch the trends and jump in at an opportune time, when the value has fallen, so that the value of your stock can only increase from there. However, if you do that, Bitcoin is just about guaranteed to bring you fortune and success.

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Bitcoin VS Other Cryptocurrencies – Why Bitcoin is the Best

One of the biggest differences between Bitcoin and any other digital currency is its magnitude, because that magnitude is what helps it ensure security, diversity, availability, and popularity in general. Because these currencies don’t have some of the restrictions on them that national currencies or closed-source currencies might, cryptocurrencies are in dire need of protection from hackers and those who would steal information and/or funds.

Bitcoin has proven that it has that kind of reliable, stable security. Because it has the most resources available to pull from, Bitcoin has been able to all but guarantee your privacy and security while also ensuring that the trading itself remains safe.

On a similar note, because Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, it also has the highest number of merchants and platforms ready and willing to trade using it. Other types of digital currencies are still trying to catch up to Bitcoin and gaining very little ground. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is a tried and true currency that has proven itself in terms of longevity, security, value, and profitability. Ultimately, there’s no need to try digital trading with any currency other than Bitcoin.

Even putting all of this aside, though, the simple fact that the Bitcoin has multiplied its value by millions in the past decade alone is enough to convince experts that this venture is worthwhile. Even if you were to start out with a single Bitcoin, that Bitcoin has already shown the potential to triple in value just between today’s market value and its highest recorded value, and that $20,000 value was reached within the past two years. If substantial profit is what you’re looking for, Bitcoin has proven itself to be the way to go.

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Basic Bitcoin-Trading Rules for Beginners

As briefly discussed in the above sections, any investor should make sure that they’re fully educated on the subject before making heavy financial decisions, including investing in Bitcoin. There are a series of steps that are best to follow in order to ensure a successful trading experience:

Set a realistic budget for yourself and do not exceed it. You know your financial situation better than anyone, so before adding funds to any digital trading platform, it’s important to know exactly how much you can afford to invest without causing yourself serious damage if things don’t work out the way you hope they will. This holds true in any investment scenario, so sit down with your financial information for a while before jumping to invest.

Do any and all necessary research on factors that affect the Bitcoin’s value and make sure that you understand the trends. If you want to use digital trading as a means to make a substantial income, you have to be able to comprehend the ins and outs of the trade itself. The Trading Academy can help you with that part.

Keep your money safe. Whenever you have funds available, make sure that only a portion of those funds are available and attached to the Internet to be ready for use. Everything else should be kept in separate hardware storage. This will keep your money safe in the unlikely event that someone manages to access the funds that were attached to the Internet.

All in all, Bitcoin is an incredibly sound investment for beginners and experts alike. Thanks to its proven trends over the past decade and its rising dominance in the digital world, people can trust that using this cryptocurrency in their digital trading practices is secure, profitable, and worthwhile. So long as you educate yourself before you get started and continue to keep an eye on trends throughout your trading experience, you can easily make a significant profit on Bitcoin trading.

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1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the original and widely used cryptocurrency. Currently, there are slightly more than 16.8 million Bitcoin tokens circulating against the capped limit of 21 million. The market capitalization of Bitcoin varies from day to day, but initially hit a record high of $200 billion.


Most accepted cryptocurrency Easy to trade Has a large community Unlikely to disappear


High transaction fees Scaling issues
2. Ethereum

Ethereum is more of a decentralized app provider. It was initially developed as a supercomputer to eliminate the need of third-party firms such as Apple in the development of mobile and PC applications. Ether was developed as payment and costs for programs in Ethereum.


Best long-term cryptocurrency Increasing user community


Possibility of being replaced by future cryptocoins with similar features
3. Litecoin

Widely known as “Bitcoin’s little sibling,” Litecoin resembles Bitcoin in various ways. This peer-to-peer cryptocoin offers faster transaction speeds and has a significantly higher token limit of 84 million. However, it has a memory-intensive mining process and a small market cap.


Faster Almost zero transaction fees Easy to mine


Has the same features with Bitcoin
4. Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash is an offshoot of Bitcoin that was launched in 2017. Nonetheless, it has gained immense popularity and recently is one of the most traded cryptocurrency. Currently, the amount of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are approximately the same. Notably, the main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is that Bitcoin Cash offers 8MB block size while Bitcoin has only 1MB. This translates to fast processing fees but memory intensive.


Solved Bitcoin scaling problem High-speed mining Low transaction fees Can be mined with Bitcoin


Harsh rate instability
5. Ripple

Ripple was designed to provide blockchain solutions to banks as a centralized transaction medium. It enabled the exchange between real currencies and cryptocurrencies. The cryptocoin uses XRP currency, where a real-world currency is converted into XRP, sent vial ripple network and then converted back into real money. It is fast, more reliable and less volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies.


Huge bank market Adopted by financial institutions Secure and anonymous network


Centralized and private Risks manipulated inflation and deflation
6. Dash

Dash is an altcoin forked from Bitcoin. It is an open-source cryptocoin that is run by a subset of users called masternodes. Like other cryptocurrencies, it permits fast transactions that are untraceable. Dash has a cap of 18 million and currently has approximately 7.85 million in circulation.


Fast transactions PrivateSend increases privacy options Low transaction fees


Not much developed Legitimacy issues
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What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrencies trading simply involves trading digital currencies. In this case, the traders speculate the price movements of cryptocurrencies and trade for a favorable price condition. Traders can buy cryptocurrency and sell through various exchanges. Traders should have an exchange account and a wallet to store the cryptocurrency tokens until they find suitable conditions to sell their cryptocoins. Note that various exchanges have different policies and purchasing limits. Therefore, as a trader, make sure that you research and read the fine prints of various exchanges to find one that is suitable and offers flexible options for your trade.

Since the cryptocurrency industry is decentralized, traders will not enjoy the support of central authorities. The trading process is completely decentralized and runs through several computers globally. As mentioned before, you can still buy and sell cryptocurrencies through exchanges. All you need to do is to set up a wallet and find an exchange platform.

With the wallet, you can buy some tangible cryptocurrency of choice into your wallet and get ready to exchange with other cryptocurrencies in the market. Note that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and market prices change in an instant. Digital records of your cryptocurrencies will be kept on the blockchain. As a trader, you will use your digital wallet to send any amount of units to another trader. The transaction becomes complete once it is verified and included in the blockchain.

To begin trading, you should open up an account buy the base currency, which is Bitcoin, using your domestic currency. All traders must buy the base currency to enter into the world of cryptocurrencies trading. The base currency is common, and all other cryptocoins are quoted against it. In the exchange platform, you will find more than 1,200 digital currencies. However, all can only be bought using the base currency, which is Bitcoin. You cannot use your domestic currency to purchase any other cryptocurrency. Simply put, Bitcoin is the gateway to crypto trading.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

With all the above outlined, you certainly have a general idea of what cryptocurrencies are and how to trade them. Well, if you are ready, you should begin the process by registering to a good cryptocurrency trading company like XTRgate. We should provide expert solutions to all traders globally. Below are the reasons why you should consider trading cryptocurrencies with us.

Versatile assets to trade with

We offer a wide array of cryptocurrency assets you can trade with. We boast of unlimited trading options that ascertain that our traders never lack anything. Just to mention, our assets include the following;

Bitcoin – this is the gateway cryptocoin to cryptocurrency trading. We support this currency and offer a fast and efficient way to exchange it with flat or domestic currency and vice versa. When opening an account, you need to simply register and make a deposit.
Litecoin – Litecoin is an established cryptocurrency and a main competitor to Bitcoin. Its functionality is not far from Bitcoin’s but has a slight variance on the speed and affordability.
Ethereum – Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency with the second largest capitalization. Our platform makes it easy for enthusiasts to trade Ethereum with fixed spreads, competitive financing, low margin, and reliable trade executions.
Dash – this Bitcoin spin-off offers extra and intuitive prospects. However, unlike Bitcoin, Dash offers more speed and security. It also makes a worthwhile investment.
Ripple – Ripple is increasingly becoming a popular cryptocurrency. It suits those who want to invest in a volatile cryptocurrency with instant profits.
High-end safety

A common concern with digital currencies are cases of fraud. Well, this is why we have zero tolerance for any forms of financial frauds, money laundering, terrorist activities, and identity theft. From the point you sign up with us, we safeguard your private information with the utmost confidentiality. Our high-end encryption techniques eliminate the chances of insecurity and fraud. To secure your details to the fullest, we ask for the following information during signup;

A recent utility bill with your name and address A valid passport with your signature Copies of functional credit cards Signed purchase histories of any online transaction

All these details are kept in a safe network that you only can access. Besides, sensitive information about our clients is encrypted using secure socket layer technology. We regularly subject our platform to security scans to check for vulnerable security loopholes.

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Seamless registration

Opening an account with our platform is very easy. Your account will be ready at the end of the following three steps.

From our main page, click on “register” Agree to the prompt terms and conditions page to sign up and verify. Copies of functional credit cards Signed purchase histories of any online transaction


All these details are kept in a safe network that you only can access. Besides, sensitive information about our clients is encrypted using secure socket layer technology. We regularly subject our platform to security scans to check for vulnerable security loopholes.

Multiple account types

We understand that our customers’ trading needs vary. This is why we have five various account types. Based on your needs, you can sign up with the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic account. Regardless of the levels, all the accounts have basic features that facilitate trading. The basics include daily market review, educational center. Pro webinars and 24/6 available support.

Readily available customer support

Cryptocurrency trading can be challenging, especially for beginners. That said, we strive to provide a fast and professional support team to help customers who could be stuck somewhere. You can contact the support team through live chat, which is mostly used by most customers and very convenient. You can as well leverage the email and phone numbers provided. Prompt customer service ensures that customers meet their trading goals.

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Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Rules for Beginners

With cryptocurrencies trading, it is possible to become successful or make loses. All this depends on how you make your trade decisions. If you are new to trading, check out the following trading rules that you should know as a beginner.

Always keep an eye on the market – the crypto market is very volatile. Always be at par with the current occurrences. Control your emotions – emotions, such as greed, will turn your profits into losses. Diversify – like other investments, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In this situation, don’t invest all your money in one coin. This will reduce the risks of losing all your investments at once. You will as well earn more if the various coins you invested in improve. Use various exchanges – just like making an investment in various coins, it is prudent to trade on multiple exchanges. This provides more options since different exchange platforms enlist different altcoins. Trade what you can lose – this is probably a very important rule. Crypto trading is very risky, and you can lose all your money. Therefore, invest an amount you can afford to lose.

Cryptocurrencies trading is still a viable and profitable business. However, it requires that you make the right decisions. For novice crypto traders, take time to learn the various aspects of crypto trading. With a better understanding, you can make sound investments that are profitable. For easy trading with ascertained security, consider trading your cryptocoins with us.

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